ShadeTree Retractable Deck & Patio Canopies

Whether you are seeking shelter from the sun or simply adding amazing color and interest to your outdoor living space, you’ll appreciate the American-made quality and value of a shade tree retractable canopy.

What is a ShadeTree Retractable Canopy?

ShadeTree Retractable Canopies are a canopy that can make your outdoor area shaded and cool for those long, hot summers. ShadeTree Canopies have built in wind protection which is supported by a wind release mechanism which reduces the risk of damage. Additionally, each Canopy has an aluminum or vinyl track profile, each with its own great features. Modular canopy sections interlock to cover virtually as wide an area as you like. There are stand alone models or tracks and canopies that mount to buildings.

shadetree fabric options stripesJust a few of the many benefits:

Great for Lots of Applications

* Restaurant Patios * Spectator Areas * Children’s Play Areas * Poolside Shade * Break and Smoking Areas * Condominiums * Shelter Wait Lines *Picnic Areas * Resorts *

Support and Fabric Options



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