Landscaping Pavers – Walkways, Patios, Driveways, and More

Whether it is a pathway to your home or an extension of your manor, Outdoor Innovations can design, build, and transform your outdoor space into an unforgettable place to enjoy with family, entertain friends or just relax on your own day or night.

Having the option between manufactured pavers and natural stone allows us to create a look that is unique just to you.


Concrete Paver Styles

The consistent quality, rich vibrant colors, and unique textures available with manufactured concrete pavers will allow us to design and deliver unparalleled aesthetics and performance to your project.

Natural Stone Paver Styles

If manufactured pavers are not the look you’re after, consider a natural stone option. Natural stone can give your project the appearance and character that can only be duplicated by nature itself.

Paver Design and Installation to Match Your Vision

When it comes time to figure out what product to choose that will create the exact look you’re after, give us a call or text us at (309) 534-8506 and remember anything is possible.

Our landscape designers can make your vision a reality.

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