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Full-Service Landscaping and Landscape Design

As one of the leading Quad Cities landscaping companies, Outdoor Innovations specializes in landscape design (garden landscaping). We will work directly with you to design your vision (or your landscaping ideas) and make it a reality. Designing great landscapes involves having a diverse knowledge of available products and many years of experience installing those products. Designing extraordinary landscapes involves having a passion for what we do and a vision that results in exceeded expectations.


The expert landscape designers at Outdoor Innovations will fill your project with beautiful plantings to accent your property and garden design. Given that most people will only see your home from the outside, how you present the outdoor areas of your home is nearly as important as what you do on the inside of your home. Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers are a perfect way to enhance the “curb appeal” of your home by adding color and style.

Some examples of plantings you may enjoy:

  • Stunning perennial flowers
  • Towering shade trees
  • Beautiful flowering trees
  • Flowing ornamental grasses
  • An assortment of colorful bushes

Outdoor Innovations provides high quality, affordable planting services throughout Quad Cities, Moline, Bettendorf, and the surrounding area. We work with you to create plantings that are unique and creative, and which reflect your tastes and wishes.

Quad Cities Landscape Design: Grading, Seeding, & Sodding

We’ll grade the soil and handle the seeding or sodding of your grassy areas. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your landscaping is if it gets washed away during the next downpour. Without proper preparation and garden design, all of your hard work will erode and be damaged. Fortunately, the landscape experts at Outdoor Innovations know all about how to keep your yard looking great.


If the soil isn’t properly prepared and graded, the rain and snowmelt won’t flow in the right direction. With proper grading, we can keep water from pooling in undesired areas, such as against your house, under decks, and other locations that can lead to water or structural damage. Improper grading can also allow plantings to be washed away. Our professional team will make sure the area is properly graded to protect your property and home or business.


It takes more than spreading a bag of seed around to have a nice looking outdoor area. We’ll properly prepare the area and take care of the seeding and maintenance that goes along with growing grass and other plants.


Sometimes you don’t have the time or the right setting for seeding, so sodding is the best option. Our groundskeeping experts will make sure that your sod is set perfectly and taken care of throughout the process. Your sod will be professionally set and maintained, giving you a lush lawn that will make your neighbors jealous.

We Are Your Quad Cities Landscapers!

We invite you to take some time to see examples of our plantings from around the Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois areas by viewing the photo slideshow at the top of this page. As you look through the plantings photos, you’ll see a wide variety of plant material, styles, and colors, all of which have been selected to enhance the visual beauty of the property, but also to survive and thrive in the unique climate, soil and water conditions for our area.

Many of our clients in and around the Quad Cities made the decision to contact us based upon our known reputation for providing quality, innovative outdoor spaces that have changed the way they now enjoy time with friends and family. When you hire Outdoor Innovations you will benefit from an owner that has over 30 years of experience and continues to stay directly involved replica watchesat every level of the design, management, and installation process. Our objective is simple: design and build only the very best landscape features for those who recognize and appreciate creativity and quality. If you’re looking for your Quad Cities expert landscaping planners, Outdoor Innovations has you covered.

Ready to get started with plantings for your home or property? Have questions about how plantings can accent your home, pricing, or plant availability? Just give us a call or text us at 309-534-8506, or use our convenient online form and we’ll be glad to help you.

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