Boulder Creations

boulder creationsBoulder Creationsboulder creationsboulder creationsBoulder CreationsBoulder Creationsboulder creations

This unique option is made from American-made products that are durable in all climates and 100% customized for your project. The realistic appearance and textures were created from natural rock formations. They will give your yard or outdoor kitchen design ideas a sophisticated and beautiful look without breaking the bank. Because these structures are custom-made, we can do things that can’t be done with natural stones. Make sure to check out the gallery above for some of the work we’ve done in the Quad Cities area.

Gorgeous and Practical Boulder Creations

Outdoor Innovations’ Boulder Creations are as versatile as they are beautiful. Our Boulder Creations can be used indoors or outdoors and can be used as a water feature, countertop, in your outdoor kitchen design, or other outdoor living feature. If you can dream it, we can build it. In addition, our creative designers can help make your Boulder Creation reflect your home and lifestyle.

We are excited to share this new option with our Quad City area friends. Our Boulder Creations opens up a new variety of choices and designs for revitalizing your home and outdoor kitchen design. We’ve always taken pride in creating a work of art for our clients and Boulder Creations just adds to our long list of possibilities that will differentiate your project from the normal landscaping work.

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