Use Your Landscaping to Help with Flooding

We are getting hit with a lot of rain this time of year. For many of us, our basements are also getting hit with a lot of water. Whether you’re looking at damp corners or a full-on flooded basement, there are a few things that you can be doing with your landscaping to help minimize flooding. Let’s take a look at the options available to you that might just save your basement this spring.

hardscapingPermeable Pavers or Gravel Driveways

When you think about a concrete driveway, it makes sense how it can contribute to flooding. Water has nowhere to permeate, and it ends up running down it like a slide. If your home happens to be at the receiving end of this, you’ll probably end up with water seeping into your foundation. One way to combat this is with permeable pavers or gravel. These can be used in a driveway setting, and they will slowly filter the water into the soil. This prevents oversaturated soil which can lead to a wet basement but can also really hurt your landscaping. Plus, they are a great alternative to a more traditional concrete driveway if you’re looking to change things up.

Collect Water

Many times, overflowing gutters, or gutters with downspouts too close to the home, are a cause for wet basements. Instead of letting rain from your downspout run into the soil and down your foundation, a first step would be to keep your downspout at least five feet away from the edge of your home’s foundation. However, another interesting and environmentally friendly way to protect your foundation is with rain collection. You can use this water for landscaping and gardening after the rain has stopped, and it saves you money on your water bill too. Plus, it keeps water away from your home.


Swales are natural or man-made depressions in the landscaping of your yard, and they can be used to direct water away from your home. They can also be a beautiful landscaping feature. You can plant rain gardens, which slowly filter water through their leaves, or line the swale bottom with gravel. Plus, planting items with deep roots along the swale will help with any erosion. As rain or any build-up of water runs through, it will be slowly filtered into the soil or directed away from your home. Make sure that you are directing water only to places allowed, like dry wells.

Need Help with Yard Drainage?

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