Outdoor Fire Pits for Fall Entertaining

It’s that time of year again! Time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather on your lawn with your fire pit. You and your friends can sit around it and enjoy the warmth while you sip on cider and watch the leaves fall in the warm glow. Your custom-built outdoor fire pit will impress your friends and family. Outdoor fire pits are a wonderful addition to any home, and they are especially great in the fall season.

Hardscaping vs. Store Bought

outdoor fire pitsIt may be tempting to just go to the store and get a flimsy, one season fire pit which will rust out in no time. The issue with them is not only that but they are not long-lasting, but that they usually do not complement your property and they’re not worth spending the money on. When you get quality outdoor fire pits, like those from Outdoor Innovations, you can see the time and craftsmanship that went into each piece of the puzzle. Outdoor fire pits made with pavers and stone are much more durable, long-lasting, and can be built into your existing environment instead of being sat on top of it and not matching the design.

Outdoor Fire Pits Offer More Permanent Customization Options

Hardscaping also gives you the advantage of multiple options like outdoor fire pits, fire bowls, gas burning fire features, wood-burning fire features, and outdoor fireplaces. These give you the option to work within your existing outdoor entertainment areas and provide a warm, welcoming space for friends and family to gather. For example, if you already have an outdoor kitchen design you’d like to implement, you may wish to place your outdoor fire pit in a different area of the landscape design so that it is not too close to the other fire element (the grill). This can give you multiple entertaining areas that will make your home the place to be this fall.

Outdoor Fire Pits Add Dimension to Your Landscape Design

outdoor fire pitNot only are outdoor fire pits a great fall addition for your Quad Cities home, but they are also a great extra dimension that can add to your landscape design. When you have too much of one thing in your backyard–like too many flowers or hardscaping–sometimes you need to break it up with something else. If you’ve been doing amazing landscape design, but you need an addition that helps to facilitate communal gathering for the fall, spring, and summer, look no further than the fire pit. It is a perfect gathering place for Easter and graduation parties, summer bonfires and cookouts, and fall weenie roasts and s’mores. The outdoor fire pit is a truly versatile addition to your landscaping that will last for years and years to come.

If this sounds like something you want for your backyard, it’s time to call Outdoor Innovations! We are happy to get started on giving you the perfect fall backyard outdoor entertainment area with our custom outdoor fire pits. Give us a call today for more information!