Watering Plants the First Year and Beyond

This topic seems to be something that continually comes up. Sometimes we have folks who don’t always understand watering plants or sod. This is okay! We all start somewhere, but it’s important to remember that plants and trees are living objects. They are like your children and pets. You feed and water your children and pets regularly, so why not your trees, plants, and sod? I recently told a customer to water every day through this hot and dry weather we have been having. They said, “Even on the weekends?” Yes, readers, even on the weekends!

Successful Yards Come With Successful Watering


Watering plants does take extra time, but when you invest in your yard, you want it to be successful. The most important way to be successful is to water and keep watering through the entire season until the ground freezes. This usually occurs in the Midwest in December. When it starts to get cold in October, don’t roll up your hoses and throw in the towel! Plants and trees need adequate moisture going into winter. If the plant or tree goes into winter dry, it is very hard for it to survive and thrive when spring arrives. Winter does not kill plant material, dryness kills plant material.

Spring Into the Second Year with Continuous Watering

When spring arrives, your plants are leafing out and are beautiful. You think: “Hey, everything made it; I am off the hook from watering this ever again!” Unfortunately, plant material will still need watering and fertilization in year two and beyond, depending on the weather conditions. Ask yourself during the season: Is there regular rainfall? If not, water your trees and bushes. If your lawn burns up, this is a sign that your trees and bushes need water. The root structure is not matured after one season. It takes years to establish a deep root system so the tree or bush can survive.

watering plants

Struggle with Guarantees

Recently, we changed our guarantee because many of our customers did not follow our watering guide and their plants died. This is always a struggle for us because we have hundreds of plants that we keep alive every day. Although we have years of experience, we can tell you that the number one mistake is not watering your plants.

Watering Instructions

We suggest placing a hose at the base of a tree (at a slow rate) for 20 minutes every other day for the first month and then a couple of times a week (depending on the weather) for the rest of the season (until the ground freezes). For bushes and perennials, three to five minutes with the hose and skip back and forth between bushes for water to soak in. The best way to keep track is to set a timer on your phone. You will be surprised how long three to five minutes really is! Happy Watering, and please give Outdoor Innovations a call if you have any trouble with figuring out how much you should water your plants.

CHECK OUT OUR WATERING GUIDE: How Much, How Often, and Other Suggestions from the Pros

If you still have questions, it’s time to give Outdoor Innovations a call! We are happy to walk you through the steps on the “how-to” of watering plants, and we also recommend you watch the videos on our “Watering Instructions” page on our website to get a visual representation. If you’d like to start on landscape design in your yard, give us a call! You work with the owners each step of the way, and we work to personalize your experience and keep you updated each step of the way. Give us a call today for more information and to get started!