Landscape Pavers are a Versatile Addition to Your Property

When you look out at your yard, does it look nice but seem to be missing that professional touch? Do you want your driveway to give your home curb appeal and stand out from the rest of the homes on the block? How about giving your patio or sidewalk an upgrade? Landscape pavers are the perfect option to add that professional touch to your property, and they’re versatile enough that they can be used in many different areas.

Uses of Landscape Pavers

One of the ways that you can use landscape pavers is to create a pathway from one area to another. This could be from the garage to the driveway, from the patio to the garden, or from any other area that you can think of. These pathways are small additions to the property that look great and provide guests a clear way of getting from one place to another without trampling the freshly planted flowers or leaving wet grass to turn to mud. They are also an economical option for making your home beautiful.

If what you’re looking for is more curb appeal, a driveway of landscape pavers is a great option for you. You can have them arranged in a specific design or choose a pre-made design which will look great as well. You can choose contrasting colors or complementing ones, and your driveway will help your home stick out (in a good way!) from the other homes on your street. It’s also a great investment because if a home buyer is trying to choose between two very similar homes and yours has a wonderfully maintained driveway, chances are that your house will be chosen over the other. Not only are they a great investment, but they can be a great outlet for your creativity. We can help you create the custom paved driveway of your dreams.


A midway point between these options is a patio or sidewalk incorporating landscape pavers. A patio with landscape pavers is a beautiful option that will be sure to be a great entertaining space. Your guests will compliment you on your beautiful patio, and they will get to enjoy not sitting in the grass or having to be inside. You can also add other features to a patio with landscape pavers like built-in fire or water features. A nice fire pit with built-in seating around it would be amazing for summer nights when all you want to do is relax and be with friends. Your home could be the new hang out spot! A patio space is a great outdoor entertaining area, and you can not only use it for fun with friends but you can also count it as an investment into beautifying your home. Many people would love an outdoor entertainment area, and yours is just that more beautiful with landscape pavers.


What is the Process of Installing Landscape Pavers?

First, we will remove all grass and other landscaping from the area that you’re interested in using landscape pavers on, and then get the ground ready for the pavers to be placed and make sure that no weeds come through. This involves making room for them, making sure weeds are not able to come through, and then making sure that the soil is compacted and sturdy so that there is no sinking or settling over time. After that, crushed gravel is added and smoothed out and leveled for an even sturdier base, along with a layer of builder’s sand. We will then install the pavers, and afterward spread a layer of sand and clean it all up. Your landscape pavers are now installed! For different jobs, this process can differ slightly depending on what kind of landscaping we need to remove or how level the ground is that you would like it to be placed on. However, in general, this is the process that we will use to install landscape pavers on your property.

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How to Get Started

Get started today by getting in contact with Outdoor Innovations. We can help you custom design your landscape pavers to fit with your ideas and your budget. Treat yourself to a wonderful outdoor entertainment area, a beautiful driveway with curb appeal, or a sidewalk with pizzazz while also making an investment in your home. Summer is the perfect time to start, and you know your friends will enjoy your new addition! Call us today and we can help you get started.