Backyard Design Inspiration for 2018

The pure white blanket of snow on the ground is the perfect canvas for imagining all of the new possibilities for your backyard. Winter is a great time to plan backyard design for your lawn or garden in the summer and fall months, and Outdoor Innovations is excited to help you along the way.

Imagine summer has finally arrived, and it’s a beautiful, cool night. The only thing anyone wants to do is spend it relaxing on the back porch, swimming in the pool, or playing yard games until the sun sets. The best way to spend a summer night is in an outdoor living space designed by Outdoor Innovations. We want to work with you to create your dream backyard, and we can do this with paved patios, fire pits, outdoor lighting, and landscaping to tie everything together. We use a computerized landscape design program to show you exactly what your project will look like before the construction process even begins. That way not even the snow can stop your imagination from running wild!


Photo of a computer program which uses software to create design layouts for landscaping. Image shows brown house with pool, fence, and shrubs in full color and 3-D.

Outdoor Innovations’ design rendering program lets you see the design even before construction.


Outdoor Innovations can also assist you in planning larger projects for your business, school, or home. Recently remodeled your home and want the outside to match all the work you’ve done inside? A pergola over the patio, paved sidewalk with outdoor lighting or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining friends would be a great addition to a recent remodel. Are you an alumnus or school administrator and want a peaceful area for students to study and relax on campus? Outdoor Innovations can assist in making your ideas come to life with ample seating and shade trees. Is your business looking to up its curb appeal? We can help create water features, like waterfalls or ponds, with expert landscaping and design that would be a great asset for a worthwhile investment.


Photo of a waterfall landscape feature made of gray pavers with an arch in the front which holds the water. On top of the pillars on either side are plants, and around the waterfall is landscaping with mulch.

Waterfall landscape feature with landscaping and greenery.


It may seem like landscaping and design are a silly thing to think about in the middle of winter, but it’s important to plan so that you can have a wonderful space as soon as possible when the weather warms up. Make your backyard dreams a reality, and contact Outdoor Innovations today.