Items to Consider When Comparing Landscape Quotes

One thing I have learned when working with customers is that most other companies make it difficult to compare apples to apples when comparing landscape quotes. Below are some things to consider.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Landscape Companies

outdoor innovation difference1. Are the plants the same size? A lot of companies use really small landscape material to lower the cost. They do not use plants that are in proportion to the space. Ask for sizes on all plant material so you can make a fair comparison. You should never base your decisions on low prices, with the assumption that plant sizes and quality are equal.

2. What variety of plants is being used? It is also important to compare what varieties of plants are being used. For example, a plan packed full of generic low-cost plants can in most cases be of lesser value than a plan with fewer, larger, unique plantings on it. Another example: perennials are going to cost less than bushes.

3. What level of strategy are they using for planting? Value is also obtained by proper planting bed dimensions, plant spacing and installing the right plant in the right place. Ask the designer why they chose to put plants or trees in a particular space. Then listen because they should be able to tell you about sun vs. shade, soil type, size that it will get when mature, maintenance of the plant, etc.

5. Does the plan take into account all the challenges of your yard? Outdoor Innovations plans always take into consideration soil type, drainage, and how existing structure and features on the site will affect the future well being of your plants.

It’s not difficult to make a new landscape look good. The true test is what it looks like 3-5 years afterward. Outdoor Innovations constantly and consistently go above and beyond what is considered acceptable by most other companies and we are more than willing to prove it.

We also take plant quality very seriously, there are hundreds of growers around the country and we know firsthand from visiting these nurseries that there is a very broad range of quality out there. We grow the best and buy the best.

Contact us to learn more about the difference Outdoor Innovations makes when it comes to keeping your property looking its best.